Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Putting a link directly in your post.

Here is the sample HTML code to make a direct link:

Hello everyone! Click
(A HREF="")(b)HERE(/b)(/A) to view my blog.

The only thing you have to do different is change all the parentheses to < or >.

If I change the parentheses to <> then it will look like this:

Click HERE to view my blog.

Great Teaching By Paul Washer

My family listened to a Paul Washer CD last night, about the true church. Who is saved? Who isn't? Mr. Washer does a great job at laying everything out clearly. He is very bold, and is not afraid to say things that most contemporary pastors will not say. I encourage everyone to visit his website HERE. There are a lot of different mp3's to download on there.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can't believe that 2008 is almost over. It just started! At least it seems that way to me. Time flies by so quick. Until I think that I can't take driver's ed until Spring 2009. Then time crawls like a snail. It will get here soon enough. For now, I'll just be happy I get to drive the van over to milk the cow. Brrrrrrr. It gets cold sometimes.


Amazing Love

A new virus that caused your respiratory system to shut down was spreading like wildfire. Cities were quarantined to stop the disease from spreading. Still, within a few months it had spread across the World. Doctors were at their wits end at what to do, for they had no cure. Thousands of people were dying from the sickness every day. Doctors everywhere were testing and searching for a cure. Then, they had a breakthrough. They had found what everyone was looking for. A cure for the disease. There was one catch though. They needed someone to donate blood for the making of the antibiotic. They needed ?+ blood (a new type they discovered in the making of the cure) and as much as they could get of it. Everyone came to be tested to see if they had the correct blood type. No one did. Doctors were getting scared. The people were terrified. Then, a little 8 yr. old boy was found with the correct blood type. He was the only person on earth who could save them from this disease. The doctors were excited. People everywhere were happy. But wait. How much blood do they need? All of it? Surely not! Yes they need all of the boy’s blood to make this cure. The boy’s parents take him to the doctors. The doctors tell him what they need to do. As the parents turned to leave, the boy cries out in terror, “Mom, Dad, why are you forsaking me? How can you let them do this to me?” The parents say nothing. Everyone needs this boy to give his life for them to be saved. He was given an option. He could go home, and live his life as he normally would (and probably end up dying from the disease), or he could let the doctors remove all of his blood, and save the world. The boy turned to his parents and said with tears in his eyes, ”I love you Mom and Dad.” He tells the doctors he will give his life. The parents turn their back and walk away. The world is happy. They are saved. But everyone soon forgets the person who gave his life, so that they might be live.

I heard this story years ago. I did my best to write it down, but alas, I will never be a writer. Please try to ignore my stiff writing and try and get the big picture. Jesus died for us. He died for you. The love that it takes to give your life for people that hate and reject you is infinite. How could you love someone when they are yelling out “Crucify Him”? Only God’s supernatural love can do that. Sometimes when I look at what Jesus has done for me, I am amazed at how I just kind of take it for granted. He really did die. He was wounded for our sins. And by his death, we are saved. I know for me it can help to just look at the love Jesus has for us. Doesn’t it make you want to serve Him more? I hope reading this has not been a waste of time for you.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Are You Hot or Cold?

Do you know what? As a Christian I think it can be easy to just go along with your life and kind of do the motions. For example, reading your Bible, and praying. Sure those things are good, but unless you are doing it with the right heart (a heart that yearns and desires what the Father wants, a heart that longs to be closer to Him), it can be just the reading of a few paragraphs, or the mumbling of a few lines. If our prayers do not come from the heart, they are meaningless and vain words to our Lord. I know for me it is easy to just do the motions. But it is all an outward appearance. The bible says in Revelation 3:15-16 “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were one or the other! But since you are like lukewarm water, I will spit you out of my mouth!” I like to think of it as a cup that is sparkling clean on the outside, and dirty on the inside. I don’t know about you but that is something I would not drink from. Jesus would spew us out of his mouth. We need to be a Christian from the inside, and let our light shine from within. We need to be the kind of Christian that when your non-Christian friends hear that you are a Believer, they don’t say “Really?” in disbelief. We need to be on fire (and I mean burning) for the Lord, because everything in this world is constantly trying to put us out. If you’ve got a fire that consists of a few twigs burning, all you need is a little wind (troubles) to put it out. But if you have a big fire with hot coals, it takes a lot to put that fire out, because its source comes from the inside (the hot coals, or Jesus Christ), not the outside like the little fire.

These are just some things I have been thinking about lately, and thought I would write them down.

Your Brother in Christ,

First Post!

My first post! Boring to everyone else. Anyway, this place is cool. I like the look of the user interface and the ease of use. Great design.