Saturday, October 31, 2009

Light In a Dark World

Darkness. Black nothingness. And a whole lot of it. I looked all around. I couldn't see a single thing. It was strange. Almost like I wasn't there or something. But yet I was. How or where I couldn't tell you. It almost seemed like I was just watching everything take place. I don't really know. Then suddenly I could see a bit. It was still just as dark as before, but I could see through the darkness somehow. I could see movement. Slowly I was seeing clearer and clearer. There, right there. I could see something. It looked like a person. Yeah, there was people all over. I looked around and saw that I could see everything. Like literally everything. I mean the whole world. And it was was pitch dark. Yet people were still living their lives like normal. They acted like it wasn't even dark. I was pondering on this, when I happened to see a man walking around with a candle. The strange thing is, it wasn't lit! I couldn't believe it! He was living his life normally. The only thing weird I noticed about him was that occasionally someone would point to his candle and say something to him. He didn't seem to have time for it. Before I could think about that very much, I saw another man holding a candle. It was lit. The light flickered in the darkness, brightly. Everywhere he went he was noticed. I looked closer. I could see people make their way towards the light. They hesitated and shrank back into the darkness as soon as the light from the candle fell on them. The man began to hand out candles to everyone he met. Most looked at it warily. Many, many people threw it down and ran away. They seemed to think "Why do I need this! I was just fine before!" and turned their back on the light, walking back into the darkness. The man then told the people that there was only one way to lite the candle, and then told them how. Some people began to get angry at the man, saying that he thought he was special for having the light. They could not see that they were stumbling around, as if blind all their life. Others of them were afraid. And then I saw one man step directly into the candlelight's beam and stand there. He asked a question. He then knelt down, as if to pray, and remained in that position for some time. After awhile I saw him move and looked hard. I saw that the man who's candle was lit was standing over the other man. Suddenly I saw that there was two lights. The other man's candle had been lit. He stood up, and said something, then walked away, light shining forth. Not because of light from himself. But from the candle. He had realized that he was blind without it, and needed it to see. I began to look around closely, and saw that here and there around the world, there were candles lit, and sometimes groups of then. I saw that many, many people held candles in their hands. Very few of them were lit. Then, I couldn't see anymore. It was just black. But I knew. I began to think hard about what I had seen. Suddenly I felt my mind whirling about me, spinning out of control. The image before me began to transform. White. White brightness. And a whole lot of it. Suddenly I realized I was looking at my ceiling. I looked around and saw I was in my room, and in my bed. I almost laughed. But the image of those people though, stumbling around in the dark was still there. And frankly, I hope it never goes away.


This was not a real dream by the way. I made it up, as you probably guessed. Just something that's been on my mind lately! Justin is doing great, and he's growing, slowly but surely! Thanks for your continued prayers!

God Bless You All!


Friday, October 16, 2009


Wow. Has it really been that long since I updated you all on Justin? Sigh. I'm so sorry guys, I've been just sooooo busy I haven't had time to do anything! Ok. To any of you who have emailed me and I haven't replied... well... I'm sorry about that too. Anyways...

Justin! He has been improving rapidly, way beyond what the doctors expected. The bleeding on his brain that they found, had stopped before birth and has practically dissolved into the surrounding tissue. The doctors don't think there is going to be any serious problems from it. He has been gaining weight rapidly and growing rapidly too! He is eating the maximum amount of breastmilk that they allow for his size and age. And on top of it all, they are saying that he will be coming home from the hospital next week! The doctors have been saying the whole time that he will NOT be coming home before my mom's due date, which was November 14. Well, forget that! All I can say is Praise God! For everything! Thank you all for your prayers!

Well I better get going, got some stuffs to do, especially since it's my birthday. Oh, did I forget to say that? oops! ;) Yep, 17. I've been thinking about what I would like to do in this year. This is what I came up with:

1. Get my driver's license! I NEED it, though my parents might disagree ;)

2. Finish school! Okay, I do NEED to finish school! :D

3. Have a better and closer relationship with my family members :D

4. Most important, to grow closer to Jesus Christ, maturing spiritually, and focusing on Him.

5. All the other stuff that fills in the 365.25 days in a year ;D


God Bless you all! Press on towards Christ, and do not take your eyes off of Him!