Monday, August 30, 2010

Reacting To Situations

I was talking to someone at church yesterday, about how sometimes things happen, or decisions people make, just can make you so upset. The more I think about it, the more I realize that that will never change in life. There will always be something or someone that does something and it ticks you off. But reacting and showing the person how upset we are with them is not the way I see Jesus acting. When your parents say or do something that upsets you, what's your reaction? I know I can have the tendency to make it clear to them that I'm not happy with them and act in a disrespectful way. And I ask myself, Is that how Jesus would react? No, I know it isn't. Look how Jesus acted to the people who were threatening to kill Him? And when they were falsely accusing Him? He didn't show anger! He barely said a word! Sometimes I think about what it was like for Jesus as a teenager. I mean, you wonder if Jesus ever wanted to do something, or maybe He wanted to go hang out with John or something, and instead His parents said "no". No biggy, right? But what about us? when there's something we want really bad or something we want to do a lot, and our parents tell us no, what's our reaction? Even if we outwardly display respect and submission, what are we thinking inside? What are we really wanting to say to our parents when a situation like that arises? "Why can't I do this?" or "Why can't so and so come over?". Their reason may seem stupid or totally ungrounded to you. But does that give us an excuse for reacting in a bad way? I mean Jesus had every reason you can think of for blowing up they've chief priest and officials for talking to Him the way they did. Goodness, He's the one who gave them the tongue to say those things. Yet He still demonstrated to us how we should act. Do I act like Jesus in that way? Do you? It's something to think about. I know I need to work on seeing situations from Jesus's perspective, instead of my own. I need to put that in practice now. So next time things don't go the way you want them to, or you want to see someone really, really, REALLY bad, ask yourself; How would Jesus react in this situation? See where it takes you.

Sorry if I kinda went in circles. This started out as a 3-4 sentence post on Google Buzz and as I was writing, more and more just kept coming out, so I decided to write it on here instead.

God Bless!



Patriot Ponies said...

Great post Kevin, thanks. I totally agree with you. Thanks for reminding us to continue to act like Jesus did. It's very encouraging.


ajfcello said...

Thanks for the post, Kevin! This is something we as Christians need to continually be asking ourselves...would Jesus act like this? Great post!

Amy Thomson said...

Awesome post! Gives us all a lot to think about! Before we say or do something, we should always check ourselves and say, "would Jesus say this, or do that?"
Thanks for posting!

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